In New England Ramblings, J. James Mancuso invites you to join him in a journey across picturesque New England. From aged architecture to lush scenery and shining vistas, the six states that make up New England are presented with particular attention to their history of faith and revivals. Join us in hope for another great awakening in a land that exemplifies beauty and a grand tradition of belief.

Each photograph in this album was captured by J. James Mancuso, a founding member of Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vermont. Throughout his journey, a true yearning for revival shines bright. A yearning strengthened further by a deep, unwavering love for the beauty and character of New England. 

Pages of stunning visual imagery are accompanied by profound devotionals and carefully-chosen excerpts from scripture.If you are looking for a return to the Great Awakenings of the past, a wonderful collection of short inspirations, or just a relaxing photographic journey through New England, this collection is sure to please.

New England Ramblings

Come Experience a Scenic Revival

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The author and photographer behind New England Ramblings.

As one of the founding faculty of Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vermont, Jim currently teaches English and serves as VP of Library Services. He also serves as an elder of First Presbyterian Church in Schenectady. Jim’s other interests include linguistics, Bible translation, seashells, and the history of the Great Awakenings. 

J. James Mancuso

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New England Ramblings

New England Ramblings is coming soon from Warner House Press with an official publication date of May 15th, 2020.

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